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Im addicted to taylorswift's tumblr!

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She looks like she’s just escaped from the orphanage.

she does

i literally laughed out loud. i really did. very loudly. she just looks like a child that’s run away from like a dungeon or some cave like a wild child being exposed to humans for the first time.

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"I was laying in bed and craving a Wagamama’s more than ever, and I persuaded these two [Zoe and Gabby] to come out of Zoe’s little hole.."
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Listened to taylorswift all day to help get me through my last first day of college! What did you do today, Taylor?

Stayed in bed watching Friends re runs til 3pm.
Threw the cats some treats.
Re arranged ma closet.
Stalked tumblr.
Googled cookie recipes.
Got cold…

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angiesimpson5: What’s happening here! emoji @codysimpson @justinbieber @scooterbraun


angiesimpson5: What’s happening here! emoji @codysimpson @justinbieber @scooterbraun

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September 23: Justin leaving Jersey Mike’s Sandwich Shop in Beverly Hills, California.

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taylorswift made tumblr an even more funnier place 😉😂😊